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Swet Boogie

Swet does the boogaloo Soundtrack for this: BOOGIE Photo: SWET Boogie | Facebook  


Ironically, Crap is Good at graffiti. Especially love the bubble background, been a few years since I have seen it pop up

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BadYear85 x Spray Beast

After stumbling across Bad Year’s photos I thought it was very necessary to get him to feature the site. Enjoy this

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Wikd Wenzday - May 27th

  Pictures via… grog-eu – Tumblr /  Vitostreet / druid81 / Ewok MSK HM AWR / 21230malmo  

Monday Funday - 25th May

jerseyjoeart.com / www.katre.fr / Lee / SWETboogie / aroemsk.com / flickr.com/steam156      

Saeio Has a new Book

Saeio’s production keeps up a palpable consistency despite its continuous tendency to break new ground in painting. He reflects on

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Seriously Skawchin' Saturdays - May 23rd

https://instagram.com/heis_one /  http://styleisthemessage80.tumblr.com / http://grifterscode.tumblr.com / http://writerscunts.tumblr.com / allchrome.tv  

Thrashin Thursdays - May 14th

wildboyscrew.tumblr.com /themodernclassics.tumblr.com /www.facebook.com/sotensdt / humzadeas.tumblr.com /sobekcis.tumblr.com / www.flickr.com/mrxclownface / graffdonuts.tumblr.com / thafonsmote.tumblr.com


Jurnes instagram.com/scienceism