Crack on, Shine on by Will RS

If you’re reading this then chances are you’ve seen a lot of photos from crack on, shine on floating around the interwebz recently, and for good reason.

Topsafe kindly sent us over a copy of the book to check out. now, If you’re anything like me, when it comes to using mouth words (or finger words in this case) you probably get a deep rooted fear creeping up through your internal organs. I do however get along very well with looking at Eye words (More widely referred to as ‘pictures’) and Will is great at making them.

The book is comprised of photos (duh), all taken by Will over the last six years in all manor of locations around the globe. The main subjects in the book are notorious and successful people from the international graffiti community (Don’t you just hate that phrase, international graffiti community?) Think Katsu and Horfe and then more lost soul street roaming types and  eclectic street stuff for good measure.

There is an index providing anecdotes for select images in the back, which is a lovely little touch. I do wish a few of the photos were printed a little bigger on the page having seen the PDF images (above), but I can deal with that and so will you.

Now, if you have ever:

1. looked at one of Will’s pictures on the internet

2.  watched one of his films

3. Or even to those extreme inter-spray users who longingly analyse Will’s website wishing they too could leave the comfort of there mac book pro’s to go out into the ‘real world’ and achieve something other than internet cool points.

you qualify to go and buy a book…

Because Will can then have more money to go back out in that ‘real world’ place they speak of and make more films for us cyber people to watch and more pictures for us to reblog on our internet receptacles and ultimately, gain more internet cool points off of.

So thanks Will!

Spray Beast,

International lazy ass mac book pro cyber man.

Purchase below: