JET X SPRAY BEAST I love visiting foreign places through some one else’s lens and jet’s photos always have

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Lots of updates from Mr. Bad Year: instagram.com/badyear85 / badyear85.tumblr.com  

Lovely 35mm shots from:   anatolepsl.tumblr.com  

After stumbling across Bad Year’s photos I thought it was very necessary to get him to feature the site. Enjoy this

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Two weeks after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo graffiti photographer Ralph Roelse [www.ralphroelse.nl] from the Netherlands went to Paris to

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wah wah wee wow. This is by far one of the best blog’s i’ve stumbled upon in a while thetaffy.tumblr.com/

Mikey smith is now mikeyheath    

Nice shots of Tokyo, all from Megane Wakui