About 4 years a go Abyss sent me an insane wall painted by him, in what looks like a forest. The other person on the wall I wasn’t as familiar with, but since then I certainly have been.

Kear’s pieces have been getting better & better over the years, so it made perfect sense to check in with the stockholm stlye wizard and procure some exclusive heat for this feature.


Kear x SB2kear abyssKear x SB3Kear x SB0 Kear x SB1Kear x SB7 Kear x SB8 Kear x SB9 Kear x SB10 Kear x SB11 Kear x SB12 Kear x SB13Kear x SB14
Kear x SB15


SET SB Logo1




Set comes with power letter’s, Schemes Dondi would be proud of, inventive and original use of spots and all round spraying Fineness

Here are a bunch of exclusives and a consolidated archive of bangers.


Set SB 1 Set SB 2 Set SB 3 Set SB 6Setone x SB0Setone x SB1Setone x SB2Setone x SB3Setone x SB4Setone x SB5Setone x SB6Setone x SB7Setone x SB8Setone x SB9Setone x SB10Setone x SB11Setone x SB12Setone x SB13Setone x SB14Setone x SB15Setone x SB16Setone x SB17Setone x SB18Setone x SB19Setone x SB20Setone x SB21Setone x SB22Setone x SB23Setone x SB24Setone x SB25Setone x SB26






We have been wanting to feature this Canadian Wizard for way too long, now we have the mother-load of eye melters and an in depth interview with the man himself

-Toronto Canada



-dog lover

Jaroe x SB 0 Jaroe x SB 1 Jaroe x SB 2 Jaroe x SB 3 Jaroe x SB 4 Jaroe x SB 5 Jaroe x SB 6 Jaroe x SB 7 Jaroe x SB 8 Jaroe x SB 9 Jaroe x SB 10 Jaroe x SB 11 Jaroe x SB 12 Jaroe x SB 13 Jaroe x SB 15 Jaroe x SB 16 Jaroe x SB 17 Jaroe x SB 18 Jaroe x SB 19 Jaroe x SB 20 Jaroe x SB 21 Jaroe x SB 22 Jaroe x SB 23 Jaroe x SB 24 Jaroe x SB 25 Jaroe x SBa 0 Jaroe x SBa 1 Jaroe x SBa 2 Jaroe x SBa 3 Jaroe x SBa 4


Secret x Spray Beast 18


Secret from Australia rocks classic letter styles effortlessly, contorting them into joyous technicolour burners that dance like Jimmy B.


Secret x Spray Beast 17 Secret x Spray Beast 16 Secret x Spray Beast 15 Secret x Spray Beast 14 Secret x Spray Beast 12 Secret x Spray Beast 11 Secret x Spray Beast 2 Secret x Spray Beast 3 Secret x Spray Beast 4 Secret x Spray Beast 5 Secret x Spray Beast 6 Secret x Spray Beast 7 Secret x Spray Beast 8 Secret x Spray Beast 9 Secret x Spray Beast 10 Secret x Spray Beast 1





I love visiting foreign places through some one else’s lens and jet’s photos always have an abundance of  vibe and atmosphere. In particular his work in Tokyo always stood out to me, and when I finally started visiting the city, I realised just how well he is able to capture it with his vivid photos.

Jet has been talking street photos for over a decade, and it shows. Enjoy the pictures and follow him here:

Ig: jetjaguar

Tumblr: ysociety.tumblr.com

DSCF5007 DSCF5010 DSCF5013-2 DSCF5034 DSCF5061-2 DSCF5174 DSCF6220 DSCF6216 DSCF6107 DSCF5200 DSCF5187 DSCF5182 DSCF6546 DSCF6780 DSCF6804 DSCF7457 DSCF7426 DSCF7469-3

Cheech x SB


Toronto based Cheech and Bong is continuously out and about documenting the graffiti scene around him, here is an exclusive look at what he’s been seeing. Keep up with him and his pictures here:


Cheech x SB  Cheech x SB  Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB  Cheech x SB Cheech x SBCheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB  Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB  Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SBCheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB Cheech x SB 2 Cheech x SB

Processed with VSCO with f1 presetCreas x SB26Creas x SB1 Creas x SB3 Creas x SB4 Creas x SB5 Creas x SB6 Creas x SB2Creas x SB7  Creas x SB9 Creas x SB10 Creas x SB11 Creas x SB12 Creas x SB13Creas x SB20 Creas x SB14 Creas x SB15 Creas x SB16 Creas x SB17 Creas x SB18 Creas x SB19 Creas x SB8


After seeing Creas’s stuff floating around the nets for a few years, not knowing who he was or where he was from, but knowing I liked what I was seeing, we had to get him in for a little feature…

What do you write?


Where are you from?

English Jamaican born in Australia. Currently in Melbourne.

Best thing you’ve ever found?

A way to make a living doing what i love.

Best, worse graffiti story?

Getting jacked after 10 years of a clean sheet taking out some toy. 

Your favourite letter and why? 

E because.

One person you’d like to have a drink with?

Donald Trump..

Best thing about living in (your city)?

Melbourne is a great city man, one of the most multicultural places i have lived in Australia. Live art scene and night life here.

Who has the best hand style?

Twister Kegr Blame Wasnt

Theme tune?

Damn this is a hard one. I love so many different genres of music it would have to depend on my mood. Maybe gods connect – Barrington Levy. Or Chill Bill- Rob Stone

1 spray can/cap combo?

Ghost cap/montana blk

Last good thing you watched?

Legend – Tom hardy

Last Good Record you listened too?

Jerimih late nights: Europe…genres are broad as i said. 

One thing we didn’t know about Creas…

I also tattoo

If you could go back and see one concert/gig in history what would it be?

Rage Against the Machine 1993 

One place you’d most like to paint?


What city have you had the Best/Worst time in?

New York, that place is crazy. Feel like a tadpole in an ocean but i loved it.

Favourite writer of all time?

Damn. Top 3 Katsu Kuma Imos

Your house is on fire, you can grab one thing…

My Tree

Thanks creas! www.instagram.com/babylonreality/

Somey x Spray Beast Outline 2Somey x Spray Beast Outline 3Somey x Spray Beast Outline 1

I am so happy to bring you this exclusive feature with French writer come sculpture Somey. I love his letters, I love his style and I am sure you will too.


EnjoySomey x Spray Beast March batch 21Somey x Spray Beast March batch 22Somey x Spray Beast March batch 25Somey x Spray Beast March batch 26Somey x Spray Beast March batch 29Somey x Spray Beast March batch 210Somey x Spray Beast March batch 213Somey x Spray Beast March batch 216somey fbSomey Red3Somey x Spray Beast March 15 6Somey x Spray Beast March 15 10Somey x Spray Beast March 15 13 Somey x Spray Beast March 15 14 Somey x Spray Beast March 15 15 Somey x Spray Beast March 15 16 Somey x Spray Beast March 15 17 Somey x Spray Beast March 15 18Somey x Spray Beast March 15 20Somey x Spray Beast March 15 5




Hais x Spray Beast

We’re very proud to drop this awesome exclusive feature from Germany’s Hais (or Heis?). Offering you a snapshot in to the last year or so of His best bits.

I have been a fan since I first saw his pieces in Hamburg in 2009, but boy has he come a long way since then. He has some of my favourite letters around today and is a master of getting them to dance with one another. I don’t think there is many people who can use so many colours as he does and still make it look good. Enough of my yabbering, go and Enjoy the cosmic array for yourself…

Heis_2loose Heis_Blue Heis_Bucket Heis_CityCobra Heis_DiscoOutline Heis_FO Heis_Fortress_Croco Heis_Habour Heis_Hellfish Heis_JBCB_Berlin Heis_LastCoin Heis_Lausanne_2 Heis_Lausanne Heis_Maschine Heis_Mumbai Heis_Schrottijam Heis_StPauli Heis_Suedi Heis_Ufo Heis_Wien Heiss