SENTO: This train was dedicated to Kase 2, who I believe was locked up at the time. You know when you inflate your tires with the pump? Well I am inflating my O with the T air pump. Word. My S in neon lights, got to plug it in.

KAMI: Maybe it was the first time he took me to the ghost yard, we ended up doing an end to end, on one of those red cars, I really like how it came out, I love how pieces look on those red trains![…] Sent did one of those pieces in which he does whatever he wants […], the piece came out mad! The car came out nice, real nice, but in the middle of doing the car, Sento leaves. Sometimes he would do that to go check shit out, make sure we were still good. […] Time was starting to pass, and he was still not back, so I start walking around to see if I find him or something strange – maybe vandal squad was around and he was hiding somewhere – I had to be extra careful not to get spotted. So I walk around, and I don’t see shit, go back to the car, and while I’m going back, I’m checking under the trains. When I reach our car, I see him lying under the next car, sleeping! Nigga just went to take a nap! I wake him up, and he’s like, ‘Yo, is something wrong?’ I’m like, ‘Yo, get your ass up, finish the piece and let’s get the fuck out of here!’ […] He’s like, ‘Yo, I’m gonna rest a next half an hour, I’ve been pedaling all day, I’m tired man, do your shit, we’re good.’ […]So I let him sleep for five or ten more minutes, while I would look out and continue on my piece. When I was ready to outline, I woke him up, did my outline, and I did another small panel on a next train while Sent would finish.