Please Introduce yourself

Lazer 1 

Where are you from?


How long have you been writing and how did you get into it?

same old story, through friends and riding the lines 

What’s the biggest influence for your graffiti?

My friends , FLYS crew and MR crew, and a desire to always improve, nothing too over the top.. special effects pieces are boring to me…. which isnt to say i dont like new ideas or styles…. im open and i keep an eye out

Bombed trains or bombed streets?


Whoopie Goldberg or Oprah Winfrey?


6 months in jail or 1200 hours community service?

i’d rather help others in a positive way than sit around doing fuck all..

Nike or Adidas?

Nike.. but not religiously.. 

worst city? (everyone asks about favourite citys)


Give me one of those hip hop bangers!

Any bad injury’s from graffiti?

knock on wood.. nothing serious.. 

how much can you bench?

once a week, usually fridays until i black out – no stop button

Favourite drink 

coke from a glass bottle or Gin Tonic

A film everyone should see before they die?

i just think everyone should watch curb your enthusiasm!

What’s the most fucked up thing that’s happened to you when out painting?

getting raided, shit chases.. 

What is your favourite colour?

red black chrome white

Are you down with ACDC , did you know they have the second highest selling album in the world?

Of course im down…. didnt know the stats but its not suprising

What’s your least favourite colour?

hmm……. some sort of peachey colour.. but i will use whatever so i dont really have a least favourite i’ll just use what i got

Who’s your favourite writer?


Sabe is definitely major. Last piece you saw that made you go “holy smokes batman”

FK crew wholetrain CPH subway or FUCKYOU wholecar also CPH, 

Are you superstitious? 

Only sometimes.. 

Last but not least… 

Bucket hottie or tight granny?


Thanks Mr Lazer for answering the Q’s and cheers J for the additional questions

More lazer wires pinging off the walls HERE