Light Blue Jers

Spray Beast very proudly presents what is likely to be the best selection of graffiti you’ll see all year. From burners painted on the streets of Cape Town to Trains painted upside down that still look good when you flip them round.

nearly 70 bangers from Jers and Co (Cyrus, Aley, Maks & more).

Sit back and enjoy Part 1 of this ridiculous super size feature



Blow Blow Blow Mesh Jers Maks jers MAKS JERS BIG  Jers Jers wc jers subwayPurple Jers jers spritz Jers Smash Freight Jers Purple SA BLOW SA CAPE TOWN SA Jers aley kids SA jers chrum SA JERS RED sa Jers sa SA Jers shack SA Jers SA Jers Sire SA red jers The Blow blow blow blow baloo Blow and blow Blow 2 Bloe double Aley Jers Aley Jers x 2 Aley Jers 2 Unfinished Blow Train Blow blow da blow blow flintstones Blow Jers Blow Mountain side Blow red blow tunnel Blow turq


Continued in Part 2