Hais x Spray Beast

We’re very proud to drop this awesome exclusive feature from Germany’s Hais (or Heis?). Offering you a snapshot in to the last year or so of His best bits.

I have been a fan since I first saw his pieces in Hamburg in 2009, but boy has he come a long way since then. He has some of my favourite letters around today and is a master of getting them to dance with one another. I don’t think there is many people who can use so many colours as he does and still make it look good. Enough of my yabbering, go and Enjoy the cosmic array for yourself…

Heis_2loose Heis_Blue Heis_Bucket Heis_CityCobra Heis_DiscoOutline Heis_FO Heis_Fortress_Croco Heis_Habour Heis_Hellfish Heis_JBCB_Berlin Heis_LastCoin Heis_Lausanne_2 Heis_Lausanne Heis_Maschine Heis_Mumbai Heis_Schrottijam Heis_StPauli Heis_Suedi Heis_Ufo Heis_Wien Heiss