I have been a big fan of G.Green since I first saw one of his pieces in Hamburg… or on the internet, after all the photos my memory has melded into one. Anyway, He is a dope writer, and his graffiti is easily matched by his also, very dope artwork. Some of the stuff in this feature is in my opinion completely original, which isn’t too common these days. Check out this awesome Q&A  and be sure to go and follow his Golden Grammage too.

What do you write?
Golden Green, G.Green, GG179
UB – Ultraboyz, BTN – Bring The Noise 
Where are you from?
Hamburg, Germany
What Has been the biggest influence on your style?
I would say original NYC Graffiti and studying graphics.
Best thing you’ve ever found?
A lot of money while I was snorkeling in the sea when I was a kid.
Best worse graffiti story?
There’s a lot, but this happened last year – The Ultraboyz were getting attacked by killer mosquitos in Murcia, Spain!
We painted a tumbledown electricity hall near a train station, when it got dark and the mosquitos came out of hell. They went totally nuts because of the smell of spray paint. 
The only thing I could hear was the sound of the mosquitos. They were everywhere around me and on my body. Everytime I killed one there was blood. 
I looked over to my comrades and they were doing the same – fighting, cursing the beasts and looking like comedian dancers while trying to spray. 
We couldn’t finish the pieces. I was looking like a fucking streusel cake! Could’ve been the setting for a supercool horror trash movie. 
Your favourite letter and why?
The grandeur G. The seventh letter. It’s a side-face letter and got a lot of Character – somehow like a real face.
If you rotate it to the left it’s looking super relaxed and lay back. If you rotate it to the right it can be very energetic and aggressive.
The lowercase that is looking like a mix between the number 8 and the letter S is an outstanding letter in the alphabet. 
One person you’d like to have a drink with?
Dead or alive? If dead, I would say Salvador Dali. If alive, I would like to have a drink with Snoop Dogg.
1 spray can/cap combo?
Montana Black / Fat Cap.
Last good film you saw?
Wasn’t a movie but a series. It’s called ‘Peaky Blinders – Gangs of Birmingham’.
Last Good Record you listened too?
Just bought me an old record: ‘Kraftwerk – Man Machine’ 
Wir sind die Roboter! (We are the robots!) It’s from the seventies but the the whole product was lightyears ahead and is still update.
One thing we didn’t know about Golden Green?
I’m a fatherless extraterrestrial who learned how to sing a good sea shanty while traveling through the universe.
If you could go back and see one concert in history what would it be?
Johnny Cash. At San Quentin in 1969. Goose bumps guaranteed!!!
One place you’d like to paint?
A Russian rocket that flies into space. Just a silver/black/white blockbuster plus character.
Hello Aliens, it’s me Golden Green!
What city have you had the Best/Worst time in?
Except Hamburg and Berlin I have never really stayed in other cities longer then 10 days – regular city trip periods.
But when I was 21 I have been in San Francisco for six weeks. I followed a girl that moved their from Hamburg but she wasn’t interested in me no more.
With all the time I didn’t really know what to do, so I just strayed around the bay area sleeping in lots of different hostels, apartments, motels, etc. 
I met a lot of bizarre people and were getting in so many weird situations over their – from looking in the barrel of a gun to waking up in a bed with three blond girls from norway.
It was a hell of a trip! I still think I only survived because I was so young and naive. So, I would say San Francisco.
Favourite writer of all time?
B.L.A.D.E. King of Kings. It’s true…
Even though I don’t like when a king crowned himself.

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