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We are very proud to present to you our 10,000th Post, in the form of an Exclusive interview with Gary MSK.

I can only really describe his graffiti as shockingly good. Gary Paint’s Mind bendingly precise and exquisitely executed pieces, over and over, all over the place. Having moved through many different styles over the years, he has never stagnated. From earlier incarnations to the present day he pushes out some of the most aesthetically pleasing and interesting graffiti any where in the world. All of this with one of my favourite ‘names’ out there.

Please Introduce yourself:
 Gary Stranger MSK HA
Could you tell us how and when did you got in to graffiti?
I started noticing graffiti in the early-mid nineties while riding the train to school. At the time there were new, colour pieces and silvers popping up all the time. That gave me the inspiration to pick it up and then it was a trip to San Francisco in 1996/97 that sealed the deal for me. It was crushed with good graffiti. 
Your Sign writing/font style pieces are always so immaculately pulled off, have you had any formal training?
No. I guess if you do anything often enough, you’ll become competent.
I only really have a passion for type or regular looking letters which is why I’ve pursued that aesthetic. I do appreciate good, stylish and traditional graffiti, but it’s not what I’m about. 
You’ve been doing some really nice studio work recently, have you got plans to start moving more towards gallery work? 
Yes, I see it as a natural progression. I produce art, whether it’s on a wall or canvas is neither here nor there. If you come from a graffiti background then you paint for it to be seen and it’s just a continuation of that.
Gary x SB 14
Which writers have been most inspirational to you over the years?
There’s way too many to mention, but I’d say there almost all people in our crew or close friends. Trying to list them risks me forgetting someone. 
Is there any chance of a Gary Typeface?
When I find the time to finish it, yes. 
What would you be doing if you didn’t have graffiti?
God knows. I’d still be painting something, but maybe not letters. 
Your favourite letter?
Errr… a G i guess. 
One spray can/cap combo?
Ironlak and a NY fat cap for everything. 
What city have you had the Best/Worst time in?
That’s tough. I have a great time in Copenhagen, that’s probably my favourite place. I wasn’t taken with Dubai, I don’t feel the need to go back there. I could rant about that place but a friend of mine summed it up perfectly as a ‘cultural wasteland’
If you could go back and see one concert/gig in history what would it be?
I never got to see Pantera before Diamond Darrell was killed, I’d like to have done. 
One thing we didn’t know about Gary?
It’s not my name. 
Can you draw/spray a perfect circle?
Absolutely not.
and finally, can we have a list of your top three Gary’s
1. Numan
2. Numan
3. Numan  
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