What do you write?
I write Fake. My crews are WODAS, ATR and FDP’s.
Where are you from?
I come from eastern France and i live in Paris since 17 years.
What has been the biggest influence on your style?
 I met Gorey when i arrived in Paris. He influenced me a lot.
 I was also doing simple letters because I painted many trains.
 Best thing you’ve ever found?
 My girlfriend Latika. 
 Best worse graffiti story?
In the 1990s, me and my friend Akroe were painting railroad tracks and the police arrived and we had pursued. We hid in a pile of dead Christmas trees. Police found us, we ran away, they shot and told us to stop and we climbed on the roof of a freight. We stayed lying on the freight roof for hours with the police all around. We finally went home, frozen and tired but safe and sound. #acab
Your favourite letter and why?
You can do whatever you want with the E. 
 Uppercase or lowercase, wild or simple, everything is efficient.
 One person you’d like to have a drink with?
 Hubert Selby Jr. #rip
1 spray can/cap combo?
Montana Hardcore Matt White + super fat cap = <3
Last good film you saw?
Little Odessa (1994) even if it’s a old one, this story is rad!
Last Record you listened too?
D.U.C. from french rapper BOOBA
One thing we didn’t know about Fake?
I ran almost 2.500 km in less than 2 years.
If you could go back and see one concert in history what would it be?
When i was 13 or 14 years old i saw Suicidal Tendencies. I would probably go back and see this concert again.
One place you’d like to paint?
You should ask me one subway i’d like to paint :) and i’d say Moscow.
What city have you had the Best/Worst time in?
Back in 2000 i’ve been chased while i was painting the Rotterdam subway. Thats was tough but Rotterdam is always a city that I love and I miss.
The city where I had the best time is Los Angeles. I painted on Venice (as tourists) but have its graff with palm shadow over is priceless!
Favourite writer of all time?
Blade i guess.

 Thanks Fake!

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