Edward Nightingale is a European based photographer, best known for his incredible pictures of writers in train yards. He is responsible for lots of the best action photos that have been floating around the graffiti blog’s and website’s over last few years. Edward, switched from Painting sleeping trains to solely taking photos of them and what go’s with it quite a few years a go. He has actually been actively involved in graffiti for more than a decade and a half, and considering the quality of his work, this isn’t surprising.

These days, with digital photography and the ease of sharing it, there is huge amount of ‘hardcore train writing’ and of course not so hardcore train writing content, continuously being shoved out into the ether. But I think Edward truly captures the atmosphere and feeling of this culture in a timeless and beautiful way. His work is truly honest, documenting something he loves to do, for people that love to do it.

We have taken this opportunity to rock a little Q&A with the man him self.

Please Introduce yourself:
Hi. I am Ed. I take pictures of graffiti writers. I really enjoy the atmosphere of tunnels and track sides. Besides that I am a very nice guy I hope. And a very good looking one of course.
1.Best thing you’ve ever found?
When i found out that photography might be my biggest passion and started to focus on that thing.
2.Best worse graffiti story?
 There are many funny stories but not all of them can be told by now.
Getting chased by police on a buckjump in cologne. They didn’t shut down the traffic and i had to jump across the track. Just some meters in front of a driving s-train. Very stupid of me. but i got away.
3.If you were invisible for a day?
Haha.. Hmm.. Girls girls girls..)) 
4.If you weren’t taking pictures, what would you be doing?
 Probably I would be hiking or diving. Or making music. Or whatever. The only thing that is for sure is that I would be kind of restless  and be Doing stuff.
5.If you could only have one Camera?
Technology has really advanced in the recent years. But still, very often it is technically not possible to capture what my eyes see due to the lack of a good sensor or aperture.
So my perfect and only one camera would be one that keeps me away from thinking about technical borders.
6.The City you’ve had the most fun in?
This is -without any doubt- the place where my second family is living: Moscow. 
7.One concert you could go back and see?
maybe woodstock. even if i am not a big fan of festivals. But the vibe must have been awesome!
8.One person you’d like to have a drink with?
Wes Anderson whom I adore for his beautiful imaging and storytelling 
9.Any plans to take pictures in other areas of the world like Asia, etc?
Since I am very curious and insatiable and  haven’t seen so much of the world yet.. I’d like to go everywhere ! And then repeat it. Maybe next to Mexico City?!
10.Would you ever consider doing a book, or selling your work?
 Sure. At the moment I am thinking about selling small batches of prints via my Tumblr.
And of course I’d like to make a book. I really like and collect photobooks and any printed matter about graffiti. Looking at printed pictures gives me personally more… To feel and understand the picture. It gives the Picture more dignity than a 10 second click or swipe on instagram
yo down there Ed Nightin Gale x Spray Beast10 Ed Nightin Gale x Spray Beast20   Ed Nightin Gale x Spray Beast9 Ed Nightin Gale x Spray Beast19 Ed Nightin Gale x Spray Beast8 top sprayer push Ed Nightin Gale x Spray Beast7 Ed Nightin Gale x Spray Beast6  Ed Nightin Gale x Spray Beast15 tunnelsEd Nightin Gale x Spray Beast16mulsh train little nice Ed Nightin Gale x Spray Beast14 Ed Nightin Gale x Spray Beast4 Ed Nightin Gale x Spray Beast3 Ed Nightin Gale x Spray Beast13 ed night  Ed Nightin Gale x Spray Beast12 Ed Nightin Gale x Spray Beast2
edwardnightingale.com/ /edwardnightingale.tumblr.com